“What does it look and feel like when you are thriving – individually and as a community?”

The last Presbytery Gathering for the year was held @ Ulverstone Uniting Church on Saturday 9 November 2019.

 The Presbytery met as a council to:

  • acknowledge Rev John Pettman’s 50 years since ordination
  • hear a minute of Appreciation for Rev Allan Thompson on his retirement as chairperson of PRC
  • hear a memorial minute for Lay Pastor and Preacher David Jensen
  • vote overwhelmingly to approve the ordination of Annetia Goldsmith as a Minister of the Word
  • elect Richard Barnard as Presbytery Treasurer. Richard has extensive experience in accounting and business management including the Devonport Port Authority, as well as Church experience
  • hear stories from the Ulverstone-Sprent and Cradle Coast congregations
  • give thanks for the service of Rev Ann Perrin as Presbytery Chairperson as she concluded her term of office, and elect Rev Caro Field as the new Presbytery Chairperson
  • share in worship with Rev Gospel Ralte and his family and congregation, and meet some of the Tasmanian Chin Christian Church
  • share together in Discovering Together: Looking Forward as we were asked, “What does thriving look or feel like…for you, your local community/church and for the Presbytery?”