We are those who walk in the earth, within the ecosystem that makes up this planet. We are those who see on that journey our deep connection with the earth and with the God who is expressed through its interrelationships. We are those who hear a call to act in a spirit of justice that helps others see the possibility of the new.

We recognise the servant who walked and walks amongst us who was and is the best expression of that God we have seen. In baptism at Jordan’s muddy stream Jesus recognised a deep connection with us and in living out our baptism in the muddiness of life we recognise the need of a connection that opens further into relationship with each step of our life’s journey.

We are witnesses to the way in which God works in the life of Jesus, in our own lives, and in the lives of those who are beginning to glimpse something more amidst the simplicity and the complexity that is life.

We are listeners for the voice of God in nature, in scripture, in Jesus and from the one who refers to us as the loved child who brings much pleasure. In response we tell of the connections between God’s story and our story.

Graham Booth
Lay Preacher, Longford