Luke 15

It turns out that God’s creation is all about detail.
Everyone has a part to play in this cosmic drama no matter how insignificant they may feel.

Luke 13; 1-9

Was it their sin that led to the disaster that ended their earthly existence? No! But you can do something about yours!

Luke 13; 31-35

God does not reside in the temple and God never leaves his people.

Luke 4; 1-13

So, what is everyone giving up for lent?
The interesting thing is, everything seems all the more appealing when it is forbidden. Just ask Eve!

Luke 9; 28-36

Are we still experiencing unquenchable thirst for answers?
Our BIG, awesome, powerful, transfigured God show us your Glory, Show us Jesus!

Luke 6:27-28

Over the years, this text has driven me nuts! It’s easy to be glib or brutal about forgiveness. “Move on – it’s past history” “You should forgive…..”