As a presbytery of the UCA our role is to enable congregations to be “the primary expression of the Church’s life”, “worshipping, witnessing and serving as fellowships of the Spirit of Christ” Basis of Union paragraph 15(a).

The Presbytery gathers as a council of the church 3 times a year.

Presbytery Chair: Rev Caro Field 0418 363 707
Presbytery Secretary: Secretary 03 6331 9784

The Presbytery has three committees that provide support and oversight to the life of the Presbytery.

The Presbytery Standing Committee responsibilities are:

  • Priority setting and evaluation recommendations to Presbytery
  • Establishing task groups to do defined tasks
  • Establishing and organising the agenda of Presbytery gatherings to ensure timely discussion of issues and encourage participation
  • Act, when necessary, as the presbytery between presbyteries. This means decisions that have to be made before the next presbytery meeting are made by PSC and reported to Presbytery.

The Pastoral Relations Committee responsibilities are:

  • oversight of ministries and placements
  • consultations on life and witness of congregations
  • oversight of complaints

PRC Chair: Rev Fiona Morrison 0418661103
PRC Secretary: Mrs Alison Claridge  0458 139 090

The Resource and Development Committee Responsibilities are:

  • Advise on property matters
  • Receive and consider applications with respect to property matters and submit to Synod Property Board for final approval.
  • Initiate proposals with respect to property matters
  • Inspection of properties
  • Oversight of Presbytery properties

Acting Chairperson:Rev Walter Abetz  0417 421 678
Secretary: Mrs Tetsje Elgersma  6352 4431