In the Uniting Church the Church Council’s main priority is to build the congregation up in faith and love.  This means encouraging the congregation to be active disciples in all of their life, not just while in the church building.  Other responsibilities include:

  • sharing in the pastoral care and spiritual oversight of the congregation,
  • determining, with the minister, the time and place of worship,
  • assist those interested in applying to be a specified minister,
  • managing finance, administration and property,
  • providing clear annual reports to the congregation and to the presbytery,
  • exercise discipline as appropriate,
  • collaborate and share with the Minister in conduct of worship and the sacraments.

We have put together a list of frequently asked questions to help you fulfil your responsibilities. We are grateful for the work of the Presbytery Office and Uniting Mission Education (NSW/ACT) in putting this together.

The Constitution and Regulations of the Uniting Church, and the Manual for Meetings, can be found here.

Click on any of the headings below for information about the following areas:

Church Council members, Elections and Meetings


Discipleship, Mission, Ministry and Worship 


Discipleship resources and leadership development


Mission and ministry planning



Worship and preaching


Being A Safe Church


Property and Insurance