Be stretched in your thinking about God’s mission

Actions of Love and Service

Children and young people grow in their faith when they are given service opportunities that cost them something. It deepens meaning and purpose. It invites them to see the world through different eyes, through the eyes of Jesus. It invites them to think of a world outside of themselves.

Mentors to us in our faith

Mentors are important people in the journey of faith living. They encourage us, challenge us, and quite often are also praying for us. Would you be where you are today without their input?

A Healthy Leader??

What does healthy leadership look like? How do we know? What behaviours, attitudes, words, and tones do we see in healthy leadership?

Godly Play

Denise reflects on the recent Godly Play training held at Kingston UCA.

See Things Differently

The context of being disciples today means that we need to be flexible in who we are as God’s people.