Theological reflection from Presbytery Gathering

•Today we have heard many words, plus more words and I am invited to share some more words… I invite you for a moment to spend some time in private thought and reflection on the words we have heard and how we can continue to share and live out these words in actions and by being.

Big Morning Tea

One hundred people attend Stowport’s BIG morning tea fundraiser for Motor Neurone Disease Research on 4th June, which raised $1934.

Kids Camp Out Organising Team

Kids Camp Out (also known as KUCA camp out) is looking for new people to join the organising team. We are looking for people who want to create an opportunity for children to experience Christian community, explore the bible in multi-sensory and age-appropriate ways and experience creation.

Presbytery of Tasmania Grants

Presbytery Grants are available in three areas:
Innovative Ministry,
Education and Training and Children, Youth,
Young Adults and Family Ministry.

Presbytery Youth Camp 2019

The 2019 Presbytery Youth Camp was a fun, relaxed and enjoyable event.
It fostered a positive community of young people open to exploring questions about God.

Godly Play Core Training

There once was someone who did such amazing things and said such wonderful things that people wanted to follow him.