Josh turned 12 this year. As soon as he was 12 he was keen to fly by himself to Brisbane to spend some time with his cousins up there (Jetstar allows unaccompanied flights once you are 12). He was super excited for weeks beforehand, but on the drive to the airport he became very quiet in the passenger seat beside me. I tried to talk to him, but twice he asked me to wait and stop talking for a minute. Finally, he started talking to me again and I asked him what he had been doing and if he was O.K. His reply surprised (and delighted) me: 

“I was praying mum! And you interrupted me!!! Will God still have heard what I said?” 

My heart melted, and I must admit I had a good giggle as I replied: 

“Josh……do you know how many times you have interrupted me in church when I am praying?!?” and we had a great little chat about prayer and that we don’t even need to use words, God just knows what is in our hearts and he hears us. This exchange warmed my heart for weeks – still does. 

For all Josh’s exuberance and restlessness and behaviour in church that crosses into disruptive and perhaps inconsiderate at times, and for all the battles I have just to get him into the car on a Sunday morning, turns out he HAS got the building blocks of a relationship with God in his heart. He told me he often talks to God, particularly if something scary or big is happening and he is comforted by this. WOW! For this I am extremely grateful!! 

Here is the photo my brother in law sent once he had successfully met Josh at Brisbane airport as proof he had survived the trip. Josh had a fantastic week being loved lavishly by his cousins up there and was a bit sad to come home. His mother enjoyed the week’s break but was glad to have him back (mostly)!. 

Lani Gunn
Launceston Pilgrim Uniting Church.