A processional Psalm of David, pilgrims are in procession ‘with the King of Glory’ from the provinces of his realm to the central height and the city at the summit. Possibly written for a ceremonial occasion, an enthronement event, or the delivery of the Holy Ark to the citadel it may well be read in parallel with Psalm 48 with its vision of the City of God. Here however the vision is from the ground up, ‘the earth is the Lord’s and all that is within it.” We may ask that if people actually believed this would there be a space for a “Green party”? Would we so pollute the vary air we breathe that it impacts the very climate? The Church has cause for some historical pride that despite the repeated exposure of the frailties of members, the faith has endured; the scriptures are extant, for this we thank and praise the Divine as experienced in the Holy Spirit. Great, but “the earth is the Lord’s”, what of a heritage of an earth which is uninhabitable?

Ian Farquhar

Launceston North Congregation