We gradually orient ourselves towards God or we are gradually oriented towards God.

We come into relationship with God.

What does God bring to our relationship?

What do we bring?

Psalm. God brings steadfast love. God brings refuge in the shadow of God’s wings (God is a bird?). God brings sustenance – food in abundance, drink from the river of God’s delights (Sounds a bit sensual?). God brings a fountain of life – light. We are the ones who grow to know God and who orient ourselves to the salvation offered by God.

Isaiah. God does not stay silent (God is silent sometimes?). God is our builder (Can he fix us?). God brings us a new name/identity. We consent/delight to be in relationship with God.

1 Corinthians. God brings us gifts and responsibilities – primarily the gift of God’s self through the Holy Spirit. We bring minds willing to be informed, we bring bodies in service, and we bring lives oriented towards the common good.

John. We bring an event, a task, empty jars, water, the actions of hospitality and the knowledge that God is working in the background. God brings good wine, some signs of glory and someone to believe in.

Graham Booth

Lay Preacher