Lectionary Readings Isaiah 61: 1-4, 8-11, Psalm 126, Luke 1:1-38

Take a moment to get comfortable, close your eyes, and take some deep breaths.

Imagine a garden ready to be transformed. The soil is full of nutrients, the weeds have been pulled out, and the plans and preparation for the garden have been made. Everything is ready.

Imagine planting your garden. You start by wetting the soil. You gently make holes in the soil and one by one you carefully place the seeds into them. You then lightly cover the seeds in soil. Your new seeds are ready to grow.

Day by day, you water and work in your garden and as you do, you see signs of new life. Green shoots spring out of the soil. New leaves unfurl. Small flower buds grow and then suddenly the garden comes to life.

Now, imagine lovingly working with God on the garden of your soul. Imagine gently and carefully planting seeds. What seeds are you planting? Seeds of peace? Seeds of love? Seeds of creativity? Seeds of confidence? Seeds of joy?

Day by day as you work in your garden together, you watch as the seeds grow – slowly at first and then quickly springing to life. They are beautiful strong, and healthy plants.

Take a moment to sit with God in the garden of your soul and appreciate the beauty. Breathe deeply.
Know that God is a God of LOVE who wants to see the garden of your soul flourish and thrive.
As you are ready, slowly open your eyes and pay attention to the sights and sounds around you.

If we love, then we are patient and kind, no mater how much we think we’re right.
If we love, then we aren’t jealous when others do well, and we celebrate with them.
If we love, then we care for those who are sad or ill, even if it makes us uncomfortable.
If we love, then we will forgive those who hurt us, we will let go of disappointments that we keep hanging onto, and we will look for the best in others.
Today we light the advent candle of love to remind us that God’s love will never run out.


With thanks to Kath Ruhle, Hannah Staines, Fiona Harris, Jesse Caulfield and Kath Behan from the Queensland Synod.

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