Water, such a precious resource in our dry land.  Water, given freely for all to enjoy, essential for life.

Exodus 17 tells of people equally desperate for water.  It wasn’t that others had appropriated that which was given for all.  They just didn’t know where their next drink would come from, and they expected their leader to supply their need.  In their fear, they quarrelled and tested God.

Whilst most wars now are over petroleum, soon they will be over water.  Pacific Islanders’ homes are even now being inundated by sea water.  Who will welcome them in and give them a place for themselves?  Deserts are expanding in Africa. People are being forced to migrate.  Who will welcome them in?

God showed Moses where a good supply of water was to be found.  Is God waiting for us to find just ways of sharing available water, and protecting the earth from further degradation?  Is the greed of the rich in part the cause of the problem?

Are we, as individuals, churches and nation, being called to leave behind some greed?

Rev Rosalind Terry

Retired Minister