Three weeks ago, we celebrated Pentecost –- the day that the Holy Spirit descended to dwell permanently in the disciples of Jesus. In today’s New Testament reading 2 Corinthians, Paul elaborates on this spiritual treasure to those in the early church. For those that believe, the Gift of Faith allows us to speak of what we know. We know God raises us up to new life, just as he did for Jesus. This Gift of Hope, when shared, inspires the Gift of Thankfulness, to the Glory of God.  

This then, is the reason we never lose heart when what can be seen on the outside appears discouraging.  For, on the inside, God is blessing and renewing us every day.

In our small congregation, we are experiencing God’s renewing and incalculable grace as we acknowledge we are no longer able to sustain what was. From the sadness of letting go has come the awareness that a fresh start is not only possible, it’s achievable. To our surprise, we find we haven’t lost the freedom for changing and growing, nor the capacity for giving and receiving. 

Walter Rinder (an American humanist poet, philosopher, and photographer, whose books of inspirational poetry were popular in the 1960s and 70s ) once said something along the lines of only being able to give what awareness I have inside me and being only able to receive that which I am aware is my need.

In that, I hear the echo of Paul  words for us today, and give thanks. 

Sue Johnson
Burnie Regional Uniting Church
Cradle Coast