Life can be like a treasure in a fragile clay jar!

As we begin our journey we are unaware that we have a treasure hidden deep inside our being.

This treasure is planted there from the moment that we are conceived in our mother’s womb.

As we grow from childhood into adult hood, our bodies are similar to the fragile clay jar.  But we still have the hidden treasure deep within our being.

During our growing we begin to understand that somewhere we need to be responsible for our own decision making and the choices that we make in life, whatever they may be.

These can cause us pain, heart ache, sorrow, joy, happiness, peace.  It is how we manage these different feelings and situations is how we will continue through life.  Sometimes during our life time, we become extremely fragile because of what has or is happening to us.

It is in these times that we discover the hidden treasure that has been tenderly placed deep within our fragile jar, by a loving God.  It is when we acknowledge God who loves us just as we are, is when healing and wholeness takes place.

To follow in the foot steps of Jesus we need to release this treasure of a loving God and share it with all people we meet, to help those whose bodies are fragile clay jars to find their hidden treasure.

Irene Hardy
Burnie Regional Uniting Church
Cradle Coast Uniting Church