Here in the spirit of “Blessed are those who don’t appear to be at all blessed” (my personal paraphrase of the beatitudes), is yet another curve ball; “Love those who have done nothing at all to deserve your love”(another paraphrase)!

You’re kidding Jesus, right?
Nope. Not even a little.

In fact, within this profound teaching lies the secret to the most elusive utopian dream.., World Peace.
If just one party of the two who are in conflict adopt this principle then the grievance is no longer between enemies. You see a person who loves their enemy is;
• Bringing such a disarming approach to the conflict that even the term “enemy” becomes redundant,
• A solutions person; not a problems person;
• Committed to an outcome where the other party will benefit at least equally if not more abundantly;
• Embodying the Kingdom of God, bringing healing to a broken world… and…
• Living in the fullness of Christ, full of a joy that this world can ever equal.

Now that’s tough love for you!

Rev. Michael Duke
Kingston UC