Our Gospel reading for today is drawn from the final days of Jesus’ ministry as recorded in Matthew’s Gospel. We begin at the end! Jesus is talking about his future and final coming, when the ordinary things of life will still be happening. People will still be marrying and working in the fields. We are living in this in-between time.

Our Gospel reading calls us to reflect on the quality of life expected of those who follow Jesus in this in-between world, where Christian values are often regarded as old-fashioned and irrelevant. The world God created is continuing to change because of human goals and activities and self-centredness. Jesus calls us to “stay awake for you do not know when your Lord is coming.”

How we live our lives is significant in God’s ultimate plan, and the advent of God’s coming among us in the form of Jesus is God’s loving intervention to show us the way. Are we watching and listening?

Rev Adelene Mills