Isaiah 64: 1-9, Psalm 80: 1-7, 17-19, 1 Corinthians 1: 3-9, Mark 13: 24-37

During this season of ADVENT, we will use the metaphor of growing a garden to prepare our hearts, souls, and minds for the birth of Jesus.

Imagine a garden that no-one has looked after for a very long time.  What do you see?

Maybe you see lots of weeds, dying plants all shrivelled up and brown… maybe there is rocky, dry soil where no plants can grow… or maybe there are lots of tangled, overgrown plants. How do you feel as you look at the garden. What would need to happen to make this garden beautiful again.

Imagine yourself working in the garden… You start pulling out weeds, you remove rocks from the soil, add special nutrients, and dig.  You water the shrivelled plants, you cut back the overgrown bushes. It’s hard, tiring work but you know that the work needs to happen so that the garden can be restored.

Now, take some time to sit with God, in the garden of your soul. Together, take a good look around. Are there parts of your life that are like the neglected garden? Are there parts of your life that are dry and withered?  Are there areas that are overgrown? Are there areas that are full of weeds?

As you look around, what is God saying to you? With God, the Great Gardener, by your side, what areas could you start working on this ADVENT?

Know that God is a God of HOPE and that even amid the shrivelled plants, weeds and dry places, God is at work in you.

This week we light the Candle of Hope


With thanks to Kath Ruhle, Hannah Staines, Fiona Harris, Jesse Caulfield and Kath Behan from the Queensland Synod.

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