There is nothing reverend about this Reverend! So why did God call me to the ministry? Well let me tell you a secret. The call upon my life to be a minister is a far lesser one than the call on me, and on you to become a disciple. To be quite honest, I am not really worthy to do either and have every capacity to fail at both! But that is not the point. Peter, Paul, Isaiah, Moses, Jeremiah, all had to face their un-holiness before a God who is Holy, who bestowed upon them an incredible gift. Ministry. In His Holiness’ Un-secret Service.

The reason He has selected you for this task is because you are the best you for the job! You are made worthy in Christ and so you can no longer shame yourself out of your calling and vocation to be a light to the world. How else does a fisherman walk away from his profession immediately after his best ever catch? How else does a hater and persecutor of the church become the most profound crafter of her doctrine?
Nobody sees a finished sculpture and thinks of clay;
They respectfully praise the work of the potter.

Rev. Michael Duke