One of the commandments that God gave Moses and the Israelite people was to work for six days only and to rest on the seventh.  I value having times of rest.  That is rest from running around seeing people, being part of meetings and doing everything that needs to be done.  A time of rest allows me to have a break from activity and to bring God back into focus for my life.  I cannot do these things while I am running around.  A time of rest also allows me to recharge and then be fresh to continue with the work that I have to do.

Yet how often do I hear “I will just do………… and then rest”.  What I find is that once they have done that one thing there is something else that they just must do.  The result of this is that they do not get to have a time of rest and get tired because of the continuous activity.  The commandment to work for six days and rest on the seventh is not just a law that God gave the Israelite people it is a way of taking time to rest and then be able to do the many things that are part of our daily lives.  Having times of rest is also a way of reconnecting to God on a regular basis.

Shirley Bower

Longford UC