Heading out of town


Some disciples meet a stranger on the road out of Jerusalem heading towards Emmaus. He teaches them and they are warmed by the beauty of his teaching. There was warmth in their hearts but no recognition. Christ is recognised only in the blessing and breaking of the bread. “Their eyes were opened and they recognised him” Lk 24:30-31. It is worth asking ourselves how we recognise the Christ with us and around us? We engage with the world around us in different ways. We know things in different ways. Our rational beings can compute and calculate and can reason-all powerful ways to understanding something of the world. But it is not the only way that we understand or know. Many of our most important life decisions are made from other non-rational parts of our being. We can know through our senses, through our intuition, through sound and colour as well as word and image. The story of the Emmaus road is that we “know” in different ways and that we are more complete as human beings when we use all the senses and capacities that we have been given.


Andrew Glenn

Hobart North