A final invitation for the community of Ephesus in drawing on the strengths of faith to stand tall and to withstand all that might come try and pull them apart.

Paul uses imagery to help them understand how to draw on the strengths of faith to stand fast.  There is much that could easily pull our communities apart, but there is also much given in Christ that will hold us together.  When we focus our attention on Christ and lean into Christ, then we will be well held in the throws and turmoil of life.  It is faith in Christ that will stand our communities in good stead.

The invitation also challenges us to pray.  To pray for each other, to be aware of what might threaten the faith and life of our communities.  To pray for all.  To hold the hope and mystery of God with boldness.

To think about, what images help you to draw on the strengths of faith, to help you stand fast?

Rev (Deacon) Denise Savage

PM  – Leadership Formation