Crying from the depths to God.  When has your soul felt deep anguish?  When have you felt the depth of loneliness, of pain that feels beyond repair?

This Psalm invites us to hold the deep crying we experience in life.  We can in those moments have a language for our heart where the yearning feels like it pull us apart.  In that moment of crying out, we discover that we are held by a hope, a waiting with us, a love with great power.

The Psalm reminds us of the place of God in all of life, and all of creation.  There is something greater than who we are and our life experiences that we can take hold of and trust.  Or that we might rest on instead of ourselves, or that of a system or community.

To think about, how do the Psalm’s help you to cry out to God?  When have you cried out to God?  What did you notice when you did . . . .

Rev (Deacon) Denise Savage

PM  – Leadership Formation