Continued collection of giving is important – despite Coronavirus.

Regular planned giving to our local congregations & faith communities, and to the wider Uniting Church through Mission & Service Giving, is an important aspect of our Christian faith and discipleship. God gives us many good gifts; we are called to share those gifts with the world.

While gatherings for worship, fellowship and pastoral care are not possible at present, there are many ways to ensure financial contributions keep the mission and ministry of the Church going.

If you are responsible for local finances in your place of worship, ask your members about their giving at this time:

  • remind everyone of the various financial commitments the congregation or faith community has, and that there are a range of ways to give, both now and in due course;
  • recognise that some people’s financial situations have changed significantly, and ask how much they see themselves giving at this point in time: some may have to reduce for a time, others who are still employed may see this as a moment to be more generous, still others may decide now is the time to give some ‘rainy day’ money to those in desperate need;
  • provide a list of ways to give, ask which they choose at this time, and notify your Treasurer.

A list of ways to give – which will work for you?

  • Direct regular offering
  • Direct EFT
  • Post a cheque
  • Planned giving envelopes
  • Home offering
  • Banking envelopes

Your local UCA leaders have been sent more information about this.  Please ask them about local arrangements if required to continue supporting the worship, witness and service of the Uniting Church during these ‘lean’ times.