Dear God . . . .

It’s the way most of us will begin a prayer. We close our eyes, we bow our heads. Sometimes we feel confident to speak words for a prayer in a small group of people, sometimes we’ll feel confident enough to do so for a large community of faith. Some of us will struggle to enter a time prayer in our own homes. Sometimes we just don’t know how we are meant to do that, or even understand why, and what happens when we do so. Some of us, just don’t take the time.

But what if we did feel confident, what if we did appreciate the place of prayer in our life. What if we knew how . . . .

Biblical stories have given us clear clues. We often share the Lord’s Prayer. The prayer that Jesus taught us. There’s a pattern in this prayer. A beginning where we recognise who we are sharing space and time with in this moment – the eternal creator! And one who is invites us into intimate relationship. We share hopes, dreams for all of creation. We speak of the fragile edges of life, and declare our place in it.

Prayer is the intentional sharing of time and space with God – the one who has created us, and continues to draw us into life. If we never spent time with the ones who love us, what would that relationship be like? To pray, is to share time and space with God who loves us – intimately and deeply.

We don’t have to get prayer right, we just need to let our hearts lean into space and time with God. If you don’t know how or don’t feel confident about praying just yet, then sit for just a few minutes. Look at the clouds, or a plant, and think for a moment about God who has created it. With a thank you God as you experience wonder or hold questions about their place, then you will have prayed. You will have entered time and space with the internal Creator. God invites us to share time and space.

I wonder how you might share time and space with God. . . . . I wonder how you might share that with others, in your home, with family, with others who also follow Christ.

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