John (now in prison because of his confrontation with Herod over the King’s unlawful marriage) sends two of his followers to ask Jesus “Are you the one who is to come or should we look for another?”

Some commentators see this questioning as an indication that John is losing heart and strength because of his time in prison. Another possible interpretation sees it as an honest questioning of his own initial responses and insight into who Jesus is – an attitude which we all can learn from. If it is true that Jesus is the one the prophets foretold and is God in human form, this new way of understanding God is too consequential not to be questioned. If this man is the promised one, people’s lives and Jewish history will be changed. John knew this – and he had to have confirmation from Jesus himself! His questions were important and necessary for his own spiritual growth and his confidence in his calling.

Maybe we too need to question again who Jesus is for ourselves. Like John we can experience a deeper understanding by asking honest questions which relate to where we are in our lives. “Come, Lord Jesus, come!”

Rev Adelene Mills