How do we hear the call of God?

Is it the visitation of an angel?

Is it the quiet still voice after the wind and the fire?

Is it the wise council of an old friend?

Is it the random words of a stranger who meant something completely different?

Is it the rhetoric of an anointed preacher?

Is it the interpretation of a series of peculiar events?

Is it the landscape, the sea, the sky and the sunset?

Is it a powerful jolt of energy surging though your flesh like a mighty river?

Is it the lyrics of a song or poem which for you hold a unique and defining profundity?

Is it not words at all; but a deep heartfelt peace and assurance?

Is it instead a restlessness and deep yearning?

Is it the bumbling through of life and, somehow, ending up in the right place?

Is it all of the above? Is it none of them but something completely different again?

Maybe its nothing… and… everything.

It is.., may I be so bold as to say, the voice of God!


Rev. Michael Duke

Kingston UC