“Follow me.”

I can’t help putting myself in the shoes of these unsuspecting fishermen.

How would I have responded to this peculiar greeting?..

“Hang about Jesus, before I sign up, do you have a glossy brochure I could read?

And besides, where am I following you too exactly?

How is the expedition funded?

What if the million potential things that could go wrong do go wrong?

What about the family business?

Besides Jesus, who even are you?”

Yet the four fishermen in this historic recollection drop what they’re doing and follow Jesus without a moment of hesitation! I guess that a man who had a hand in creating planets is bound to have some gravity. And there it is! The beginning of a global revolution begins with a carpenter’s son, born in a cattle shed, leading a bunch of blokes raised in an obscure fishing village!

How will we respond to Jesus when he says; “Follow me”?


Rev. Michael Duke

Kingston UC