How do we grow in our faith? Whether we are 95 or 5, we can each grow in our faith. Life has for us questions that invite us to ponder why God matters to us.  Think about your life’s circumstances at the moment.  What are some of the concerns you have on a personal level?  What about in relation to community groups or work situations you are part of?  Where are there challenges?  Where are there joys?  Where are you struggling?  Where do feel delight?

Now sit with these questions in light of this one – How do you know God is there? What is it about who God is that you can identify God’s presence?  Do you feel different because of God’s presence?

These are powerful questions of faith. These are questions that continue to help us as we live out being disciples of Jesus Christ.

Powerful questions of faith remind us that we are always on a growing journey. God invites us to step into new experiences of life and new experiences of being with God, and with each other all the time.  God’s regenerative, creative purposes are dynamic, not static, are living, growing type of purposes.

Two challenges you might like to take up. One – share with someone where you see God working in your life, where are you growing in your faith?  Two – share with someone else where you have seen them growing in their faith.

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