Where is God in our life’s cycle?

The Psalmist claims that God has been an active presence in life since birth and youth. Beyond the extent of today’s passage the Psalmist still sees God as present in old age.

Jeremiah protests God’s overreach on the basis that Jeremiah is only a boy.

In 1 Corinthians we are given to understand that between childhood and adulthood comes a change in manners of speaking, methods of thinking and modes of action and that this will change again as we see God face to face.

In the Luke passage Nazareth locals can’t get past the idea that a hometown boy, whom they have known since his childhood, can have developed a reputation beyond their narrow understanding of him. Their misunderstanding is stirred up further by Jesus’ reference to incidents from their faith story that won’t be pushed into tidy boxes.

From whatever point in life you now inhabit:

Can you see the presence of God in your life since birth?

Do you ever argue that you are too young, too old, too unintelligent, too intelligent to speak and act in the way God seems to be directing?

Has your understanding of God stayed in childhood as you have grown or has there been growth and development in the way you understand God and the work of God in your life and the life of your faith community?

How have misunderstanding and doubt been catalysts for you to reject or grow deeper in your understanding of God etc.?

Graham Booth
Lay Preacher