Job 1:1; 2:1–10

Introduction to prayer: Grant us the imagination of a child  as we approach

Queen to H4 takes pawn?! In a game of chess pieces are moved and taken as the game progresses without a thought for how the pieces might feel, it is just a game after all. Imagine though how it might feel to be one of those pieces or to be a player who knew that the pieces were real people with real feelings and emotions. If you have ever felt like you are caught up in some kind of cosmic game, then you might be able to relate to Job here in this passage. This prologue sets the scene for the proverb that deals with the problem of suffering. A wager is taken on the faith of Job between God and Satan. Poor Job has no idea about the game being played with his life in the heavenly courts, all he can see are the squares of the board beneath his feet and the moving pieces around him, all he knows is the side he is on. His faith tells him to hold fast and trust in his creator. Job it seems has done this well so far in the story and Satan wants to up the stakes.

TiS 561/AHB 467 Who would true valour see

Response to Scripture: Be ready to playfully enter the story

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