Introduction to prayer: May my mind be stilled and my heart be opened.

The music suddenly brought the words to life.  I was listening to Michael Card and it was this story of Job.  Who is it that darkens my counsel?  Gird up your loins – stand tall before me, and let me answer.  When we come face to face with the one who creates we are laid bare, there is nothing left to hide behind – all is revealed in its ugliness and its beauty.  Job and God, now take account of themselves before each other.  Who is it that darkens my counsel?  To whom are you going to listen?  Give attention, heed?  We have many voices in our world that demand, challenge and question the faith we hold.  Layer upon layers of ideas, possibilities, frustrations, sufferings.  Complex lives and relationships, noise of life’s demand can all too easily be where we seek counsel in our darkest hours. We are challenged to be vulnerable before God.  To stand in our own place before the one who has created fom nothing, who has breathed life into  is to be in our most vulnerable position.  I wonder what that might be like for you in your darkest hour.  I pray God’s courage hold you when you need it most.

TiS 683

Response to Scripture: Let your words work away within me, Lord God, Creator.

May I find courage with you God, Creator of life.

Rev Denise Savage contributed this reflection to With Love to the World, a Uniting Church produced daily devotional.  Head to their website to find out about ordering.