Introduction to prayer: May my heart lean into the ancient words of love

I am reminded of a parent addressing a child who has not fully understood the complexity of a situation.  Job’s response indicates that he knows he didn’t have a full understanding.  It is an admission of his humanity, a complete vulnerability before God who he now understands more fully.  God provides for both Job, and his friends who have misrepresented God, a way in which apology, a restoration, can be made.  How often might we find ourselves in this kind of situation?  Either with God or someone else.  It takes an incredible amount of courage, self awareness and inner reserve to stand in this kind of place.  And we usually do so at times, when there is little courage, and little inner reserve.  Yet it is our self-awareness that allows us to enter this vulernable position.  Job invtes us to rethink those relationships that are fraught.  We are gently challenged to put aside our own assumptions, and to open ourselves to hearing what the challenges from the other are.  We are challenged, and invited to be wrong, admit our wrong and seek to respond in a way that brings restoration.

TiS 754

Response to Scripture: May the words of love, live in this day.

May I be aware of wrong with another, that I might live and seek restoration.

Rev Denise Savage contributed this reflection to With Love to the World, a Uniting Church produced daily devotional.  Head to their website to find out about ordering.