Trinity Sunday! Is Sophia another facet of the divine diamond? Is she an alternative expression for the Holy Spirit? The Psalmist addresses God with the question “what is man that you are mindful of him/her?” Hidden in this question is a mountain of spiritual and philosophical wonder which we are challenged to ponder. In the age of empire Darwin was able to express his theory of evolution as ‘survival of the fittest’, over time ‘survival of the most adaptable’ emerged as a better phrase to accommodate the theory, repeated observations leading to today suggest ‘survival of the most co-operative’ a more fitting expression. That certainly means that we must be mindful of the millions of micro-organisms that keep our digestive system functioning. Does it mean that we also inhabit a spiritual environment driven by co-operation? And if our level of co-operation with the ‘Great Spirit’ equated with the attention given our microflora, how might that reflect in our being?