KUCA camp out 2018 was simple, small and still successful. Adults from across Tasmania provided quality, thoughtful, prayerful and faith filled contributions to the camp.  

The KUCA camp out theme was great this year. The theme was “Reflect the Light, the Light that Gives Life” which allowed everyone to engage in multisensory and multifaceted ways.  People (campers, youth leaders and adults) were respected in who God has created them to be and they were invited to rediscover who Jesus is and how we can reflect His light in their everyday lives. 

Graham Booth’s candle lit “Big Bible Story” on Saturday evening was spectacular.  

A special thanks to Elvis Portors for sharing his catering skills with everyone.  

The contribution of one volunteer can be a game changer. For example, a new adult volunteer helped with tent logistics and this made our lives so much easier.

The skills and leadership of the youth was something that really stood out to me. We had 12 teenagers who arrived at the Fingal Valley Campus on Friday night for community building, faith formation and fun.  On Saturday these young people provided leadership in setting up the campsite to welcome the campers, and hosting small groups in dance, drama, photography, construction, craft and sport. One youth leader travelled all the way from Wynyard and showed servant leadership by diligently and patiently caring for the campers that came with him. 

We hope to have a specific Youth Camp in 2019 so please pray for this.

Anthea Maynard
Presbytery Minister
Leadership Formation