The challenges before us today as a church globally in the Western world is the intentional connections and discipling of those who are learning what it is to follow Christ. Experienced Christians are finding a rising challenge to not only understand their faith, but to own it and talk about it with others.

We have tools to hand to help us rediscover the way in which we might share our faith with others. For some, the actions of love, justice and kindness will go a long way.  For others, we need to help give some words to what it is we believe and why.  For some of us we are learning to pray in ways that we have never had to before.  We are even learning to pray with our children and grandchildren.  Life’s tougher moments and experiences are those times, when our faith will hold us.  How we talk about those moments with others, can matter.

Parents, grandparents, trusted adults, are people within families and communities who can help young people, and curious adults, discover what it is to know God in their lives. It is no longer the responsibility of Church leaders and clergy.  Vibrant, healthy communities of faith are those that have a sense of God’s purpose, are responding to the needs of the local community, have people who are in their ordinary everyday lives, knowing and sharing their faith with families and friends.  They are able to discern and work with the concerns of the community of faith, and look beyond to where God is at work.  They pray.  They engage with the biblical story and ask questions that can bring to light meaning and learning.  They are communities where the fruit of the spirit is apparent.

Ask yourself this question – how do I know God is with me this day? What is the sense of God in my own faith community?  What stories come to mind that help you to answer those two questions?  How and who might you share those stories with?

We are each growing in faith, at any stage of life. These are questions that we can ask at any stage of life.  You are invited to step into the challenges of what it is to be a faith community in today’s world.  These kinds of questions will help you grow and learn in the challenging space of being faithful people of God in today’s world.

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Denise Savage
Presbytery Minister Leadership Formation