Trinity Sunday is a reminder that our glimpses of God reveal a unity in diversity, and that our life together should also reflect that. Today also, Christians of many shades and colours come together in Hobart’s “Church Together” celebration. It’s one way to experience – and to show – that in following Jesus we are connected widely with other followers. It’s good to be reminded of that. 

And in one of our congregations in Hobart this Trinity Sunday, Naomi, Chaplain at Ogilvie High School, will be tell some of us about her everyday work and her encounters with students and staff. It’s one example of the reality that we live our everyday lives as followers of Jesus “out there” in our community and beyond. It’s good to be reminded of that, too. 

Recently, two of my students from years ago have recognised me and re-introduced themselves. One works to clear buildings of the curse of asbestos; the other works to keep the trees of Hobart healthy and safe. 

It was great to reacquaint myself with them both, to hear about their lives and to get the sense that our encounters in the classroom all those years ago laid a basis for friendly contact in the future. 

We all have ordinary, everyday encounters with people, and often they don’t seem particularly significant to us. But occasionally, we hear of, or meet, a past workmate, employee, student, neighbour… who tells us that something we said or did long ago was significant for them. 

It may have reassured them that they are valued as a person. It may have encouraged them to keep on going in a difficult situation – or to explore a new possibility. For some, it may even have pointed them towards Jesus as a leader to follow. 

I’m sure that there are many other times when a smile, an encouraging word, a few minutes spent sitting with someone, a note sent, an offer of help whether accepted or not, has been significant, even though we will never know. 

Let’s come together and celebrate together our common journey with Jesus. And then let’s go with joy into our every day lives, knowing that God’s Spirit is there too, and that every encounter is significant. 

David Reeve
Hobart North Uniting Church