Jesus was constantly being watched by the religious leaders of the time. They were always looking for ways to catch Him out and were trying to always prove His methods as being wrong.

They were jealous of His teaching, the way that He healed people and the way that the crowds followed Him. Jesus made His point here that being a christian isn’t just reserved for a Sunday, or in His case the Sabbath. No, He was telling the religious leaders that it was a seven days a week, 365 days of the year commitment.

Just like Jesus, we come together each Sunday to worship God and to share fellowship together, but Sunday isn’t the only day of the week for that. There are six other days that we have the chance to live out our life as a christian, a follower of Jesus.

The religious leaders of the time were so intent on living a life of restricting rules that they weren’t able to live with God at the centre of their lives.

My God guides me in the way that I live so that others may see Him at work in my life and not just a set of rules and regulations.

Our hearts aren’t measured by the good deeds we do and the rules and regulations we keep. We are measured by our love for God, which then results in sharing Gods love with everyone we interact with.

Ted Catmur – Longford Uniting Church