This is how you destroy a conversation and replace it with an awkward silence at our dinner table. Simply ask, “So, what is everyone giving up for lent?” Works a charm! 40 days is not a long time really. Well it’s a long time to go without chocolate I do concede. There must be more humane ways to purge the soul. The interesting thing is, everything seems all the more appealing when it is forbidden. Just ask Eve!


As Paul writes; “Just as one man’s trespasses led to condemnation for all, so one man’s righteousness leads to justification for all.” Roman’s 5 ;18. So as Jesus spends 40 days in opposition to Satan’s constant wooing, with all of the seductions that normal human beings are powerless against, he stands firm just as we can in him. In Christ, we  are under no obligation to sin. The curse is broken at the cross.


By the way, I’m giving up swearing… not chocolate.

And maybe not doing quite so well… oops!…

There go I by the grace of God!


Rev. Michael Duke