“I get it now, it’s all about relationship!” 

Yay! Preachers love to get breakthroughs like that every now and then. If you want the core of the Gospel, that is it! It’s all “For the love of God!”

Not that you have to earn it but because God gives it freely anyway. Why? Because God is love and the love of the three members of God’s being is such a pure, creative and immanently generous force, it draws broken souls like mine in and makes them whole. 

And do you know what I have found? Everyone needs it, seeks it, and is severely damaged without it so why, when we begin a conversation of faith with someone, have we been conditioned to talk first about sin? Does John 3;16 say “God was so repulsed by the Sin of the world that He gave his only Son…”? When you break it all down, sin is the antitheses of love so why don’t we start the conversation about what God is, not what God isn’t?

“God is Love, and those who love are born of God and know God.” 1 John 4; 7

Rev Michael Duke
Kingston UCA