Reflections on Pentecost 4/Ordinary 11

All gardeners know what happens when they plant seeds.  They change and a new plant is born and grows until, in time, that too becomes a seed ready to start the process all over again.  Although we know the process of growth, we cannot understand it but we all know it happens.   It is an every day fact and yet a miracle that something as small as a seed can produce something so much greater in size than itself.   In these two small parables, Jesus uses these stories to illustrate the Kingdom of God, but in both of them,  it begins with a man sowing the seed. Can any of us understand completely the concept of the God’s Kingdom, and yet we know that by retaining that wonder and keep it only for ourselves, it is of no benefit to anybody else.

Like seed, the good news must first be sown  by ordinary people, and, given the right conditions, God will perform a miracle, allowing it to grow and become stronger within those who receive it, until in turn, they too sow the good news in the hearts of others. These parables are not just about spreading the good news of the gospel, it teaches that what we do and say doesn’t have to be a big thing, it can be so minute and yet have great results, as well as helping us to recognise that results can only be achieved, when people and God work together. You plant and leave the rest to God.

Kim Searle
Kim is part of Burnie Regional Uniting Church. Her greatest love is preaching which she has been doing since she was 15 – now over 60 years.