In a world and a church where touching has been de-valued by some who have abused their calling, we might well ask, what does this passage in Mark, which is focussed on Jesus’ healing touch, have to say to us today? 

As I looked more closely at this passage, I noticed that the woman who was suffering from severe bleeding took the initiative and just touched Jesus’ cloak, believing she would be healed. Jesus’ response to her was “My daughter, your faith has made you well. Go in peace and be healed.”

A fear-full faith was honoured and a relationship with God affirmed and respected.

Jairus came looking for Jesus because his daughter was dying, and asked Jesus to come and lay his hands on her. Then some messengers came and told him it was too late and that his daughter had already died. But Jesus sorted out who he wanted to come with him, and continued on to Jairus’s home. Once again he needed to discern who should be there; and then he took the girl by the hand, and she was healed. And he gave them strict instructions not to tell anyone, and to give her something to eat.

There is something about the deep discernment of Jesus here which should inspire our awe!  The sensitivity of Jesus to the needs of individuals must make us very aware of our own insensitivities and personal needs when we seek to be part of God’s healing ministry in the world. 

Rev Adelene Mills
Scots Memorial Hobart