Unless the Lord builds the house…

In the work of the Presbytery, the work of the congregations and Church Councils across the Presbytery, and in our own personal lives, there are many decisions to be made.

This week’s Psalm opens with the words Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labour in vain (Ps. 127:1), but how do we know that we are doing the right thing, following the will of God?

In the Uniting Church we speak a lot about discernment and our consensus model of decision making. In these processes we are encouraged to listen to voices and opinions other than our own, perhaps even from outside of our comfort zone, or usual circles of engagement. We listen, to hear the voice of God in each other, and follow as best we can.

Whenever I read this psalm, I can’t help but hear the strains of the Keith Green song in my head. Have a listen.


Rev Caro Field

Launceston North Uniting Church / Chairperson, Presbytery of Tas