Today, the last Sunday of the Church year, we celebrate as usual the Feast of Christ the King. It is one of the most beautiful and meaningful feasts of the year.

The concept of king and kingdom is at the very heart of Jesus’ message to us. He came to inaugurate among us the Kingdom of God. By this we understand that complex of people and communities which have totally accepted and assimilated the vision of life under God which Jesus proclaimed. It is a vision not only for a minority sect among the peoples of the world but a call that is valid for all, a message which contains the deepest hopes and longings of peoples everywhere.

To take on board this message is to enter a life of fullness, of deep happiness and satisfaction. It is not necessarily a life without pain or suffering. In fact, pain and suffering may be integral to the very development of the Kingdom vision in our lives. It is a life which essentially involves other people, who on the one hand are agents of my personal growth and who on the other depend on me to be the agents of their growth.

Behind all this is the figure of Jesus Christ, our King. In himself he embodies the whole vision of the Kingdom by the way he lived, spoke, worked, taught, healed, liberated and finally sacrificed his life in love for us.


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