After having had all of the Devonport church property (church, hall, manse and car park) on the market for 3½ years, the congregation learnt in mid-June that the sale was finalised. With a 30 day settlement, Church Council kick started its ‘Action Plan’ which saw the sorting out, packing up, 2 Open Days, a huge garage sale, finding a storage unit , the arrangement of a temporary worship place and the Closing of  Building Service all organised.  AND – a bare week prior to learning of the sale, Church Council became aware of a possible new location for our worship home. We now anxiously await permission from Synod PART to purchase this property as we believe that with some alterations, this property would give us a great shopfront location.

The Open Days and the garage sale afforded us the wonderful opportunity of conversing with the general public as to our reasons for selling and moving. Many assumed that we were selling our property for the similar reason another denomination is doing so.  But, we plan to move nearby for good reasons of ministry and mission.

We have formed a very special relationship with the new owners ‘The Cultivate Group’ – Ben & Sally Milbourne and we were delighted that they were present at our Closing of the Building service to tell the congregation of their dreams and plans for the property. They are a young local couple who both employ and train young people. Our congregation has held them in our prayers during this prolonged contract period and rejoice with them as they work on their future plans.

Whatever and wherever our future, we know that the Holy Spirit is certainly with us on this wonderful journey.

Devonport Church Council