Stewardship Thought
The beautiful story of the birth and survival of Moses reminds us of what God can do when people have the courage to stand on the rock of their faith. All the women involved refused to simply obey the ruler who told them to destroy others. They took the risk of ensuring the protection of that life. Even the Egyptian woman, who found Moses in the bulrushes and realised to whom he must belong, had mercy on him. From all of that commitment emerged the great Hebrew leader, Moses. In the Gospel, Peter states that he is in the presence of the Messiah, the one who would be part of the salvation of the world. Jesus doesn’t want this recognition spread around so that everyone rushes to worship him. He simply affirms and celebrates that Peter recognizes true godliness when he sees it. That is the rock on which the church is built.

Prayer of Thanksgiving
O God, we praise you that apparently ordinary people,
like those who made decisions which saved the life of Moses,
can be entrusted to carry your word forward in each generation.
We thank you that sometimes
it can be the combined faith
of very human people who, together,
live as though your foundations for good
are firm beneath their feet.
We give thanks for people, like the disciple Peter,
who moved in and out of faithfulness
and yet became one of your grandest witnesses.
Praise be to you, O God,
for walking each step with us in Jesus Christ
so that we can believe in the costliness and depths
of your love for all people.

Rev Ann Perrin