Be Busy in Different Ways

Richard Rohr is a conscientious American theologian who urges people to engage in meditative prayer. He provides regular input to his blog from the Center for Action and Contemplation.

Today he suggests that American abandon some daily habits and custom, in the increasingly political climate associated with the coming Presidential election, as well as the devastation of Covid-19. You may find that his urging for a change of routine is attractive. Why not give it some thought!

“I know you keep yourself busy, but it can be beneficial to be busy in different ways.

If you will allow, I recommend for your spiritual practice for the next four months 

    that you impose a moratorium on exactly how much news you are subject to — 

    hopefully not more than an hour a day of television, social media, internet news, 

    magazine and newspaper commentary, and/or political discussions. 

It will only tear you apart and pull you 

    into the dualistic world of opinion and counter-opinion, 

    not Divine Truth, which is always found in a bigger place.


Instead, I suggest that you use this time for 

                                       some form of public service, 


                                       mystical reading from the masters, 

                                       prayer —

                                       or, preferably, all of the above.

        You have much to gain now and nothing to lose. 

                                       Nothing at all. 

        And the world — with you as a stable centre — has nothing to lose.

                And everything to gain.” 


Graeme Cake

Hobart North