(This reflection was presented by Chris Duxbury at the conclusion of the Presbytery Meeting in Hobart on February 16th, 2019)

“Psalm 1 comes up on our lectionary tomorrow. It seems to be connected with today’s presbytery meeting.

It gets us to think about what in our life bears fruit. What in our life leads to life abundant?  Where have we planted the deep roots of our life and are they bringing life to us or zapping us of life and energy and inspiration?

It’s been a long day at presbytery. Perhaps some of you are feeling zapped of energy. But, as we reflect over the day there will times when you have felt enthusiastic, encouraged, a sense of rightness, a warming of your heart.

 Some of the signs of the Holy Spirit at work:
As a presbytery we have collectively and prayerfully worked together to make decisions that we hope will bear fruit in the lives of individuals, communities and the wider church.

Today, in reports and in the stories we have heard, with eyes of faith we can see good fruit forming from the faithfulness of God’s people who continue to step out in faith.

We have also made significant decisions that we trust will bear more fruit. We have sought God’s wisdom, discerned God’s leading and been open to the Holy Spirit as we have engaged our hearts, minds and imaginations.

Hopefully we have been like trees that grow beside a stream. With our roots deeply imbedded into the life giving soil that comes from our relationship with God. The soil that brings life, nurtures our hearts and inspires our minds as we have tried to listen for God’s direction.

We have voted members into committees and positions.

We have been privileged to hear something of Marian’s (Marian Bisset) faith journey and call to ministry and voted in favour of Marian’s application to proceed in applying to candidate.

We have listened deeply to Rohan and the JNC members in their journey of discernment for our new presbytery minister for mission development.

We have discussed what matters most as we meet as presbytery.

We have listened to the pain and courage of the Korean Church. Your sharing was a gift to us.

We have acted in faithfulness, compassion and understanding which stems from our relationship with God.

The rightness of our decisions will be seen in the fruit that comes from our decisions, all in God’s timing.”