The 2019 Presbytery Youth Camp was a fun, relaxed and enjoyable event for the 12 campers who attended.

It fostered a positive community of young people open to exploring questions about God. 

  • Camp Director Bobbe Solager wrote that PYC was. . . “a ton of fun, great to see campers develop group interest over self-interest as the days unfolded. Something for everyone. Problem solving was a hit. Time to chill. Great group play and water activities. Wonder of the waves & ocean. Kids developing camp ethics was enlightening and pleasing. Dance party was a fantastic celebration of inhibition in God’s glory”
  • The camp directors (Bobbe Solager and Jeff Savage) provided excellent faith-filled leadership, wonderful organisational skills and an engaging program.
  • Two young adult leaders (Isaac Beswick and Zeinab Eldayar) assisted in leading sessions, organising activities and accompanying the campers.
  • Judy Partridge was the caterer for the camp and graciously and thoughtfully fed us all.
  • Glenn Noble (Hobart North UCA) was our bus driver and went beyond the call of duty to collect/return the Scotch Oakburn bus from Launceston, as well as drive us over 500km on day trips.
  • Strathaven UnitingAge Well provided a 12 seater Bus, saving us over $1000.
  • Spirit led moment – The campers that were less enthusiastic about polishing the Fingal Valley church pews moved to the nearby hall. Joan Lowe seized the opportunity to engage these campers in questions about their feelings about church and their place in it, Jesus being the living word and how the bible feeds/nourishes us and invited them to make their faith their own!