“See things differently”. The words on the side of the building in a different place and time from my own normal reality, reminded me strongly of the need to be open. As leaders within our communities and congregations, and wider church life, there is always the need to be open to what’s new, what’s next, what we might need to pick up and what we might need to let go of.

The context of being disciples today means that we need to be flexible in who we are as God’s people. Our world is a different world to what it was 5 years ago, even more so than 20 years ago.  Who do we need to be as God’s people now?  What are the needs in our community, and how can and do or might we respond to them appropriately?  How can and where do we share the stories of faith within our families, as we gather with other disciples and followers of Christ?  It will be different in different places.

We might need to let go of something from our past first in order to embrace the new challenges of following Christ. I have had to let go of being afraid to talk with people.  It has taken a lot of hard work.  But when we are called, when we are gifted, God invites us to take on the new challenges, and see things differently.

What have you had to let go of as you grow in your faith journey and respond to God’s call? Be challenged to share that journey with another and invite them to share their story.  You might be surprised about how God has worked in their life.  It might be, that you will each see something differently as a result.

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