Jesus is our mentor in the ways of faithful living.  Jesus is dining at a Pharisee’s home.  In Luke, the writer shows Jesus as friendly with the Pharisees, supporting the Pharisees’ view of the Resurrection of the righteous. Jesus tells a story about a banquet to call his disciples to welcome all, including those who live outside the traditions and beliefs of the community. Hospitality is lived in the Christian community.

How do we work out what it means to live as disciples in everyday life? A number of examples are provided as we consider how to follow Christ’s leading in our community life. We have received the challenge to reach out with hospitality and to mentor one another in the faith. It may be comfortable to extend guiding love and hospitality to those within our own families and churches, but what does it mean to offer such a welcome to newcomers and strangers?

A congregation has adopted ‘Radical Hospitality’ as one of its guiding principles. Living out ‘radical hospitality’ is a challenge and informs much of the way the congregation lives.

How might radical hospitality become a reality in the way you or your community live?